Frida Kahlo Abstract
Frida Kahlo Abstract
Frida Kahlo Abstract
Frida Kahlo Abstract

Frida Kahlo Abstract

$29.95 $19.99
  • 61x91cm
  • 60x80cm
  • 40x60cm
  • 30x40cm
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  • Extra fine canvas weave.
  • Eco-friendly, easy to hang
  • Rich high-quality vivid colouring.
  • Durable, sturdy, and heavy-duty material.


Our Mission

Have you achieved everything you want in life to its fullest extent?

Our mission is to give our community an environment that provides excitement, happiness, and pure hype to enjoy all life has to offer enjoying every minute of it. We want to push our community to live an adventurous, fulfilling life, surrounded by an environment guiding you to be the best human you can possibly be.


Our mission is to deliver an environment that unlocks one’s highest potential, giving excitement, joy and pure hype to live all life has to offer.


'Because we believe your environment truly does shape you ~ HypeStDecor™'

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